Cremation Glass Designs

This page lists all of the available designs for cremation objects that have three pricing levels: Basic, Complicated, and Impossible. Choosing one is OPTIONAL. Pick a specific design by writing it's name in the blank as you order from the Shop page. Make sure to purchase the right pricing level! For custom orders, email Vaughn at

Basic designs

These simple but beautiful designs are all great options for a keepsake. Designs available at this level are the Hill, Ash Bubbles, Dot Compression, and Air Trap.


This is my most popular 'basic' design for small cremation marbles.

Ash Bubbles

This design creates a field of bubbles above the ashes, with color behind.

Dot Compression

Dot compression designs have a lot of depth, and often resemble a flower.

Air Trap

This is my most popular 'basic' design for large disc paperweights.The molten glass is pushed into a bed of nails, then filled with colored glass to trap the air.

Complicated designs

These more 'complicated' marble designs cost twice as much as the 'basic' designs. Options include the Implosion, Star, Ribbon, Living Rock, Spinning Compression, Chaos, Channeled, Stamp, or any silver and gold fumed standard design.


This design has random swirls of color, and usually ends up being very wavy and 3-dimensional.

Dot Implosion

The dot implosion is a wonderful design for a pendant. It's similar to the dot compression but more defined.

Spun Compression

This advanced design is a twisted version of the dot compression design.


This is similar to the hill design, but with clear channels carved into the sides, for a fun 3-dimensional look.


This design has a star shaped pattern of indentations, and is one of my most popular pendant designs.


This design is created by pushing into a brass mold with a raised pattern. Available at the 'complicated' price level, but best with fume added, at the 'impossible' price level.


Classic twisted glass design.

Living Rock

This design was inspired by a succulent.

Impossible designs

These expert marble designs take much longer, and cost three times as much as 'basic' designs. Options include the Reticello, Vortex, Mushroom, Eater, Coral, Wigwag, or any silver and gold fumed 'Complicated' design.


Reticello means "opposing spiral". This is my most intricate design.


My Vortex design is an optical illusion. It looks much deeper than is possible.


The Eater design has inverted teeth in layers surrounding the ash.


The Coral design resembles coral tubes, and is best as a sphere.


The wigwag design is a variety of patterns made with tight, wavy lines.


This design is a 3-dimensional glass mushroom suspended inside a round shape, fully detailed.

Other options


Fume can be added to any design. Fuming is the process of heating fine silver and gold to a mist, and spraying it on the glass with a torch. Purchase a 'complicated' object to order a 'basic' design with added fume. Order an 'impossible' object to receive a 'complicated' design with added fume. If you would like a fumed 'impossible' design, order whatever object you would like at the 'impossible' price, and order the same object at the 'basic' price to upgrade it. Example: Write "Stamp with Fume" in the blank. Stamp is a 'basic' design, so you would pay for a 'complicated' design to upgrade it with fume.


A synthetic opal can be added to any design. Be warned, these cause stress in the glass, and can cause glass to crack, long after the glass is annealed, unlike the rest of my glass. These are Gilson Lab synthetic opals, made specifically for use in borosilicate glass. To add an opal to any piece of glass, order two of whatever you'd like. Order three for two opals, etc.

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