Cremains in a glass marble A typical medium sized pendant by Vaughn

Cremation Pendants

Cremation pendants are available in three difficulty levels. Our standard designs are beautiful, but more complex designs are available at higher prices. These are disc shaped designs, but there are other shapes at the bottom of the page.

If you'd like a specific design, write it's name into the blank as you order.

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My cremation pendants are around one and a half inches in diameter, unless requested smaller. These discs have strong loops. The mini-pendant is simple and perfect for children.


Cremation Pendants - Standard Designs

Cremation pendants with the following designs are available at standard pricing.

Pendant-Dot Compression

These "dot compression"s are my most popular standard design for cremation pendants.


The "air trap" design is made by pushing molten glass into a series of pins and filling the indentations with colored glass and ash.

Pendant-Ash Bubbles

If you'd like the pendant to have a lot of ash, the "ash bubbles" design is a good way to go. The ash becomes a white field of bubbles when used this way. If you're ordering multiple objects with this design, you may want to send two teaspoons of ash instead of just one.


The "basket" design is similar to the hill design, except the back of the hill is clear and filled with ash.


The "coin" design is a flat round design in the middle of two clear halves.


The "hill" design pendant will look like a larger version of the mini pendant.

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Cremation Pendants - Advanced Designs

Cremation pendants with the following designs fall into the advanced pricing scale.


The "star" design has a star shaped indentation.